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When walking into the unknown a special kind of trust is required.

I don't particularly like the unknown.  When I'm faced with transition, whether small or large I tend to feel as if I'm teetering on the edge of a cliff, about to drop into a dark murkiness.

You would think that as a creative personality I would enjoy periods devoid of structure and predictability. Strangely,  I haven't found that to be my experience.  I find I like the freedom to choose my path, but dislike the moments when the path is unclear.

What is it about moments of perceived darkness that lead us to new levels of fear? That fear places a choke hold on our mind and emotions and we feel paralysis. It feels like quick sand that keeps us from moving forward because our circumstances hold us back.

They don't really hold us back, but we live under that impression.

One of the most unsettling times is when you have a variety of things up in the air.  They may be nothing of gre…

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