Monday, January 12, 2015

Pursuing the path to #5

We have four amazing kids.
 We shouldn't want more. 
 It doesn't make sense in the "world's eyes." 

 And, yet. we can't stop thinking about you
We have been asked by God to walk towards you - the baby who needs a family.

 We have dreamed about you for years, and
  imagined the day we would hold you in our arms.


You are the child that I won't carry in my womb, 
but have carried in my heart for over 10 years. 

 I have the same feelings that I did when I was ready for each one of your siblings.
 I just knew it.

 I wanted them,
 I longed for them,
 I prayed for them. 

 And, here I am...without the feeling of your little kicks. 
Without your precious little hiccups.
 And, yet I know. 
 You are a gift from God. 

 You are chosen for me by a loving and gracious Father.
 He sees you, and He sees me, and He knows I am the one who needs to care for you.

You are loved so much because you have a Mom who will give you life, 
and a Mom who will guide your journey through life.

While we do not know the timing in which you will be found,
we trust in God who has promised to be faithful.

He's calling us to be your parents, and we are pursuing the path that leads to you.

We can't wait to welcome you HOME.